CODON Interactive Media

CODON Interactive Media is a Creative Technology studio with over 12 years of background in carrying out multidisciplinary projects world wide. The studio was formed in 2009 by four independent technologists/artists and has been run as a collective ever since. By combining technology, art and design, CODON breathes life into immersive and interactive experiences for advertising, retail and entertainments.


Arash Akbari

Creative Coder/Technical Director

Amir B. Ash

New Media Artist/Art Director

Hesam Ohadi

Creative Coder/Technical Director

Siavash Amini

Sound Designer/Composer

Led by a group of freelance artists, the studio’s main focus is on creating new means of expression in various fields of art and technology. Codon’s projects take a variety of forms such as interactive installations, audio/visual sets and stage design for performing arts, mobile and desktop apps, VR/AR/XR, real-timesimulations and physical computing.