Due to human activities the climate started changing a long time ago but we came to know about it in the last century. During the last century, we started noticing the climatic change and its effect on human life. We started researching on climate change and came to know that the earth temperature is rising due to a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect. The warming up of earth surface causes many ozone depletion, affect our agriculture, water supply, transportation, and several other problems.

Raising awareness and thereby understanding of the effects of climate change on health will facilitate both behavioral change and societal support for the actions needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Data Visualization is one of the steps in that direction.

Data visualization made using global temperature anomaly’s from 1850( just a few years after the industrial revolution) to 2019 in relationship with global CO2 emission. The music is also made using the same dataset which is the work of none other than the one and only  @Shahin entezami  a.k.a “Tegh” 

I do suggest using headphones. 

🔴The red wires are indicating the global median temperature anomaly’s (rising from 1860’s)
⚫️The cracks on the surface are the global CO2 emission (starting to get bolder around 1860’s aswell with massive spikes specially around 80’s)
🌡The movement of the surfaces is the outcome of the upper and the lower temperature anomaly’s.
You can find the dataset I used on