Audio/Visual installation

Leave No One Behind is an audiovisual art installation born from the collaboration between the Iranian artist Amir B. Ash and the musicians Shahin Entezami and Saffronkeira.

The work relates the history, culture and biodiversity of the Saline Conti Vecchi with video-sounds processing from the sounds and images source of the site.

The audio and video elements representative of the place, acquired through field recording and video shooting with a drone, are the object of the creative reworking which, through the use of realistic audio and video reading codes, transports the viewer on a dreamlike journey transcending the conventional boundaries, capturing the imagination and creating an inclusive and accessible multi-sensory experience. displays a gradually cluttering data-visualization by applying per capita CO2 emissions, annual CO2 emissions, and surface temperature anomalies from 1959 to 2021.
Pharus’ interaction with the individual audience is a simple defense mechanism. As the viewer approaches the installation, the visualization of the data becomes more intense and chaotic, mirroring the growing urgency of the issue. Pharus makes a point of not just reminding us of a crisis, but rightfully pointing the finger, hoping to invert the collective numbness of our species.
In creating this installation, the artist deliberately chose to keep the visuals minimal, uncluttered, and clear. Pharus is shy and humble, it is simply here on a mission to remind the passing citizens of an ongoing crisis. It wants the audience’s attention drawn to the data itself, not to flashy eye-catching visuals.

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The work is designed for the widest participation and allows users to experience in an original way the complex and fascinating reality of the place where land, water, flora, fauna and historical production memory still merge today, making the Saline Conti Vecchi salt pans one of the places of greatest cultural and environmental value in the city of Cagliari. 

The installation promotes respect for the delicate ecosystem balances that intertwine humanity, animal and plant species and aspires to convey the message that through art it is possible, and often more effective, to raise awareness, create a sense of belonging, foment solidarity and generate inclusive communities.

World premiere at Saline Conti Vecchi  – Italy

Jul-Sep  2023

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