Caustic surfaces  is an Audio visual live set designed and directed by Amir B Ash  in collaboration with the Tehran based experimental/ electronic duo Temp-Illusion. 

Caustic Surfaces is an Audio/Visual live set presented by Temp-Illusion and Amir B. Ash. Premiered at Planetarium 1, the project presents an immersive blend of visual and sound embodying contradictive emotions to the audience, using apocalyptic sounds and real time generation of complex visual forms and patterns.

Following their previous collaboration, they’ve decided to create an immersive live set, potent to be presented in Immersive environments around the audience, both visually and sonically. By now, the project has been presented in Planetarium one (RU), Mutek Japan (JP), TCS Festival (GE) Mutek AE(UAE)

Mutek Tokyo

TCS Berlin

You can watch a few snippets bellow

Music : Temp-Illusion
Stage Design/Live visuals : Amir B. Ash
Director : Amir B Ash
DOP/ Camera : Ghazal Majidi
Second Camera : Aram Tahmasebi
Photographer : Aslan Mohamadpour