Performance at TODA DUBAI (Theater of Digital Arts) as part of the DUBAI ART FAIR 2023 with Musician and composer Shahin Entezami , Sanaz Sotoudeh on Piano and Naghib Shanbehzadeh on percussion

Supported by Canadian University In Dubai

The finale of the Dubai Art Fair 2023 culminated in a captivating ensemble performance at the Theatre of Digital Art, located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. The performance brought together several artists from across the globe, featuring the skilled trio: Sanaz Sotoudeh, CUD Music Instructor and Pianist, Shahin Entezami, Electronic Artist, and Naghib Shanbezadeh, Percussionist. The ensemble delivered a live, interactive acoustic music performance, that was seamlessly integrated with the 360-degree generative digital show, created by the talented Media Artist, Amir B Ash. “The union of traditional and modern, East and West, in the urban electro-music and visual concert creates a unique and boundary-less experience. It is a testament to the fact that music knows no boundaries.” Sanaz Sotoudeh, CUD Music Instructor, Pianist “The Embassy of Canada is thrilled to support this extraordinary musical performance at the Theatre of Digital Art. The fusion of Eastern melodies and Western instrumentation is a beautiful representation of the innovative spirit of music.” Mohammad Lari, Cultural Diplomacy Officer, Embassy of Canada to the UAE

Stage design/live visuals : Amir B. Ash
director : Amir b. ash, sanaz sotoudeh
Electronic music : Shahin entezami
piano : sanaz sotoudeh
percussion : naghib shanbehzadeh