First collaboration with Parasang live series

Parasang is a night of live improvisation led by Iranian electronic musician Pouya Ehsaei (Ariwo/Entr’acte/Zabte Sote) and producer Harry Follett (Space 289). The remote series of shows sees Parasang partner with visual artists, dance choreographers and musicians from around the World. Each improvised show is performed collaboratively in real time from the homes, studios and spaces the artists occupy. The next show will see Pouya (electronics/modular) perform alongside Berlin based Afro-Cuban saxophist Regis Molina, Detroit based Afro-Cuban dancer Yolanda Perez and Iranian visual artist Amir B.ASH.

Co-founded by Pouya in 2018,  Parasang is a live and electronic dance music event inviting musicians from London’s diverse musical communities to play with Pouya in the context of electronic dance music. Through Parasang, Pouya has collaborated with over 70 musicians from around the globe. Pouya’s musicianship at Parasang is generous and flexible, making space for and responding to the musicians who accompany him.

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