“CELLULAR” is an interactive light sculpture. Inspired by different cell formations and bundles I designed this project as a visual set for the Iranian electronic musician Umchunga’s live set at SETFEST 2015. 

For the software I collaborated with my friend Hesam Ohadi, he used Processing to develop a custom software with the map of the cells implemented in the GUI, to make it easier to control the lights during the show. I also wanted to be able to control the fade in/out speed and a color palette to create different atmospheres according to the music which was added to the GUI. The software was also able to detect sound over OSC , sending the data to my Computer and over to the cells.

As for the hardware I used specially made addressable RGB LEDs placed inside polycarbonate light bulbs and Fadecandy as the micro controller.

You can watch some excerpts of the performance bellow