Idlefon-Two Lands

Music Video for Canadian based electronic musician Idlefon

Made with Touchdesigner

Performed, Directed and Edited by Amir B. Ash

The video is an excerpt from visuals, recorded live during COLDSTREAM A/V live set, performed by Idlefon(music) and Amir B Ash(visuals) at MUTEK CONNECT 2021.…

The music is Idlefon’s rework of “Two Lands”, originally produced by Temp-Illusion, and released as part of “PEND Reworks” album…

About the performance: COLDSTREAM tells the tale of Collapse. How the pressures of a ruthless sociopolitical system can crush and dispose of us in an automated manner. How a seemingly self-contradicting news stream can virtually turn citizens into “Hyper-Normalized” beings on a collective level and how rough personal experiences can trigger full-blown dehumanization for each of us. COLDSTREAM portraits a bleak image of the current global state through an ominous narrative, a state with not so much hope to be found.