Art direction, EP cover design and video teasers for Taraamoon

Bādbān Is the debut album by the Paris based Iranian duo Taraamoon (Sara Bigdeli Shamloo & Nima Aghiani) featuring 8 rappers and follows the story of eight characters on a sinking ship in a stormy ocean

The Story

“The storm hits tonight. The sails shred. The passengers astray on their own, friend or foe, they face the same battle throughout two tomorrows to come, fighting off and giving in. Being bewitched, spellbound and aghast, they withstand or they yield, the make it or they die. The storm won’t arrive on its own, a companion follows it along, one that’s neither good nor evil. It’s of nature, therefore as ruthless; the guardian of the wind, Bādbān.”

Album Reveal Teaser – Directed and animated by Amir B. Ash

Each track represented a character on the ship, so I decided to create a teaser for each 

released March 28, 2021

All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Nima Aghiani
Vocals/Lyrics of Taraamoon by Sara Bigdeli Shamloo
Rappers/Songwriters: REZ, Daygard, Safir, Kaboos, Bamdad, Veda, Roody
Artwork and visuals by Amir B. Ash
©Low-Zi Records – 2021