Cover art for the limited edition “ABSENCE” compilation, curated by my talented friend and colleague Arash Akbari @fnekf, published by Flaming pines 2016 London, England. You can find the album on Bandcamp

Technique : Digital Illustration

Inside the cover, a letter accompanied the CD pack written by the renowned Iranian Musician/Composer Siavash Amini

Click on the Picture to read the letter

Artists Collaborated : 

01.Siavash Amini – Fading shadows of dusk

02.Arash Akbari – Falling

03.9T Antiope – Ventaor

04.Idlefon – Headless (with Kamyar Behbahani)

05.Bescolour – Alogia

06.Sote – Beautiful Black

07.Pouya Pouramin – Exterior wash

08.Pouya Ehsaei – RocRast #12

09.Tegh – Station Four

10.Parsa Jamshidi – nncdraG

11.Shaahin Saba Dipole – Remembrance

12.Umchunga – RS