IMA is my latest collaboration with musician and composer Shahin Entezami aka Tegh and Adel Poursamadi Published on Injazero records 2022 London, England

Having collaborated with Shahin Entezami many times on a variety of projects over the past decade, I was always a fan of his solo project “Tegh” and amazed by the romanticism and sheer darkness of his pieces. This album ,indulging the same sonic aesthetic, is no exception. To try and capture that soul-crushing yet beautiful and mesmerizing atmosphere, I used a GLSL shader I developed as a personal research, mimicking the coloring technique (Impasto) used by one of my favorite classic painters “William Turner” in order to generate abstract/expressive paintings. For this album the paintings are being generated through a series of processing and calculations driven by the data fed from the music.
For the album art, I chose this composition from all of my generated renders because it triggered feelings of floating on a calm sea staring at an erupted volcano from not so far away. And that was the image surfacing in my mind while listening to this album. Approaching the chaos, moving uncontrollably and defenselessly towards it.
Nine limited edition signed prints are also available as album collectibles which will be published through the channels announced by the label.